I never thought would die in what way.
but the thing that was always occurred to me is:
Whether.. if I die, I will survive.?
I mean,whether God will accept me?
go to heaven or hell?
What about my family and my friends?
I still have a lot of mistakes that need forgiveness of friends and family ...
In one day. At home in college, before night. I drive my motorcycle through a deserted airport.  

Alone. Tense.
Then, I think. If I was in buried later, like this what's it like?
No friends. Alone. Dark.
Maybe all the happiness the world does not mean anymore?? at the day, I'm getting scared.
Fear if my sin wasn't unforgivable in the world and I have to pay in the hereafter. Fear of death because me full of sin.
I want to walk in a straight path. With God and Muslims.

Let friends, we fix ourselves.  
Align our intentions.
Leave the excess life of the world, let us help other people in need.
Is there a sense of our humanity,  

when we are busy shopping  while other people are suffering from hunger and severe poverty?
Let us think again.


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