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Excitement of doing something that you love

I bought KOI watercolor few weeks ago and learn to use it as best as i could. I'm an economic student but i love drawing since i was kids. i usually draw with my pen and rarely try watercolor, so this is my first time to try it and i deeply in love with it. YouTube and Google is best teacher on many case in my whole life for learn something new, i typical person who like learn with my own so i can try by myself and evaluate what suit me best. 
I love to draw magic thing like stardust, little girl, books, magic wand, witch, castle, princess, vintage shop, star, leaves, trees. It will be happiest day for me if i can be illustrator for children book. There's nothing job to compare with doing something that we love, isn't it? :) I just don't know how to start, but i'm pretty sure if a chance is mine so it'll come to me and stay. I picture about my happiness when drawing, you can see picture below is my room. I love staying there for an hour, drawing,reading, and f…

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