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Smile dear, you don't owe all problem in the world :)

Day by day, i'm growing old. My mind growth, i learn more knowledge, more wisdom. A thing that be my priority to chase at couple years ago, not so important today. Years ago, i focus on how to have a lots and looootss of money. and there's a time when God give me everything, include a lots of money on my bank account. Then i bought many useless pieces into my life, till my cupboard full of cloth, and my shoe rack can't hold my shoes that honestly i rarely wear. Then i think... then what? I thought it was happiness but the reality is i just feel empty and tired feeding my lust. 
One day i hear somebody say in youtube and i read book, about giving. i tried. i feel my life nowadays more meaningful than before. The smiling face you see from people you help is worth! i want do more thing to help others, i want spread love, happiness, and healing through my illustration. If you're interested to see my drawings you can check it atinstagram : storyofmydeski'm not pro arti…

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