wonderful childhood


I have experienced difficult times as a child. my parents are in the test by god at that time.  
We live in a small rented house, with a potluck. Although I was a kid, I know the hardships experienced by my parents. 
I'm sad.  
Although not quite understand. I always remember when me and my brother naughty, then my father will give punishment to us so we got a lesson. Or when the mother went to the market and we cried so hard for mothers to go home, and mom really come back home. Because my mother is in the shop opposite the house.
so stupid-,-
Or when I go to  my kindergarten
school, and only in Arm 3 biscuits Marry because my parrents not have much money..

it's sad.
But today,
I remember back all those memories and all the sweet memories stored in my heart .


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