are you SHOPAHOLIC ? :)

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you like shopping?

I think almost girls in the world like shopping ..
but, we also have to be careful with our spending desires,
if not controlled properly, it can be troubling ourselves.

The following are the things that we must be cautious when going shopping:

1. ask ourselves whether we really need that stuff? think well for long-term

2. how our financial condition? whether in crisis? if yes, we should withhold our shopping desires.

3. caution when using credit cards! for a moment we felt free to buy everything we want, but remember! if not in Balance with our income, it is not aware of our debt will continue to accumulate and will be a problem if we can not afford it.

4. control ourselves.

5. look on the person being trouble, how selfish we are, if we prefer to buy a bag or clothes while others struggle to fill the stomach, making money for their children's school, etc.

so let's do the best! :)


  1. nice post ! :o
    bisa bantu aku nih kayaknya -_-"

  2. hahaha. thank you for visiting my blog, tamimi ;p

  3. Nice blog. :)

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  4. every girl must read this!!

    x.o.x.o :D

  5. i should print this out everytime i go out! i have a serious shopping addiction.. when i go to the mall, i am uncontrollable!! *sighs*
    Visit my blog sometime, follow if u like, i'll always follow back :)

  6. hahaha. thank you tia and nelly.
    you are so fun ;D


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