i love SALAD !

salad is a delicious healthy foods ..
I really like salad, because it feels good and healthy.
You could also try a salad, especially those going through a diet program, a salad can be an alternative option.
if you are lazy to buy a salad, then you can also make yourself at home.

try this recipe !:

½ papaya
1 Pineapple
½ Watermelon
100 mg Craft Cheese (shredded)
6 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon cornstarch
I tablespoon butter
½ cup Water Carambola
Chili powder 1 to Tea (When Love)

How to Make:

    1. Cut papaya and pineapple for dice (1cm x 1 cm)
    2. Create Round-sphere with a spoon for the watermelon and melon cocktail

How to Make Sauce:

    1. Mix all ingredients except mayonnaise and cook over low heat, stirring, stirring constantly.
    2. Pick up after boiling When you are cold mix mayonnaise.


    1. Place the fruits that have been cut in the container
    2. Thereon Sprinkle with grated cheese
    3. And finally serve with sauce.

To: 10 Portion


  1. aku juga suka salad.. yummy hehe

  2. Not a big salad fan but that really does look delicious and it's awesome cause it's healthy too!

  3. This look so yum I will give it a try! I love fruit and chilli! xx


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