its time to HOLIDAY !

after completion of the exam, I get a day off for 2 months.
It is a long time to rest.
I actually confused will do anything to fill my day off,
but, sure. I'll do fun things and rewarding.
Read some magazines and see a variety of current styles, its so fun and gives lots of inspiration! and
i really love this activity.
or watch a movie with delicious snacks can also be a fun alternative to spend the holidays.

but, don't forget with others in difficulties. We also have to remember them and giving spirit!
because helps other people also gave pleasure and peace in our hearts.


  1. met libur aja deh, eh..tapi sekarang dah masuk sekolah lagi kan

  2. yay for holiday!! :)

  3. thanks for visiting my blog :)

    hahaha. belum mbak, masuk sekolahnya nanti september.. :)


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