How Stupid

dear readers... how are you?
yesterday, i found my old book. The tittle is "Be the happiest woman." By : Dr. Aidh Al Qarni
Subhanallah, the contents are really beautiful, open my mind and touch my heart. This is not like other books i have ever read. The books teach me : "don't be worried about what will happen tommorow, just live today with maximal ! don't waste your time because you can't go back and Allah will ask for accountability." At that time, i realize how stupid i'm in this 19 years. i often complain about my life, make everything bad because of myself, i scared to face a big problem, what will happen if...........bla..bla..bla..But now, i know i must face my fear, so the fear will be lost.

don't be afraid, because God always protect you :)


  1. Ayo manfaatkan 19tahun, bereksperimen, berpetualang, sebelum ke usia 20, hehee. Ciayoo :D

  2. that's right, cause we'll never know when the death pick us :)
    live happy and do some kindness, so everybody will be pleasant

    1. yes, you're right messy :)
      thanks for visit dear :)

  3. kalo ngomongin umur gini jadi keinget umur sendiri..
    uda 21..
    aaaakkkk~ >.<

    jangan sia2kan 19 tahun mu nak.. :D


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