what we do before exam

Dears readeeers! how are you? i'm back with many weird photos with my best friends (yaya bolo & kimo bolo). 2 days later we will face the examination, whooo, how i hate it you know? but just enjoying my days and time will bring it go away.. Look what we had ! just take several photos, smile, and forgeting all problem. What a happy day !! :)
trick or treat! aww cute ghost

snap! giiirlssss show your face !

TRIBOL (kimo, aay, muus)

aduuh maap gayanya kamseupay iwwh -.-

aduh beungeut nya dangdut abis

eat the fruit!!!


sister kimo and me :)

take the boat!

me and sister kimo


  1. Haha cuteee photos! May Allah help you with your exams. Good luck. <3


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    You can also like my Facebook page here. Take care. :)



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