Dear readers, as i said in my post i really love sunflowers so much. And tonight i'll tell you the reason :)
When i was 9 years old, my father planted a sunflower in our garden. Time pass and the sunflowers grow up to be a big flower (maybe at that time, i just little girl so i feel the flower very high). Everyday i saw our sunflowers, and everytime i see it, i always smile and my spirit come back! The flowers brighten up my mind, and remind me to my father i didn't know why (maybe i miss the time when my father planted the sunflower in our garden, and we saw it grow up everyday until became a big flower, then.. i never experience a moment like that again)
"what a beautiful moment."


  1. That's such a sweet reason behind why you love them. Memories never come back. I know you miss that time your father planted the flower whenever you look at sunflowers.

    1. thanks for visit dear :)
      yes, i really miss that time :')


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