come back to my 'Daily Snack'

If i have a word to express my feeling "WOW." or maybe "SUPER WOW."
You know readers, at first day i 'came in' to my beloved Polytechnic i didn't suppose we'll start our lesson at that time! i mean, at 07.00 am TENG ! and the scary scene is i got a SUPER KILLER LECTURER.
Ussually, we just talking and greeting with each other about holiday, iedl fitri, mudik, merchandise, so that day i drive my motorycle slowly, walk to my class slowly, until i got a message "lesson start on 07.00 am, with Mrs.Lili @lab." WTF ?! At that time, i put my blackberry to my bag, and run as fast as i can ! and lucky me! i allowed to attend her class. fiuhh......
But hey, remember life still have many surprise! and yeah. A LOT OF HOMEWORK :'')))))
Even i hate the things called 'homework' but i've promise to myself, i wont grumbled and try my best to solve them . i watch TV today, there are so many people fight hard to finish their school altough they do not have money, but they always try hard, grateful, and neveer grumble with their life. So why i always grumble with my comfortable life? my parrents give me enough money, good facility, my own motorcycle, but i still complain my life. i feel shy..
Thankyou somuch Ya Allah for everything, and everything.

this task is killing me


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