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Today when i switch on my television, i watch a movies called 'UP'. This is old movies (i mean it already been played a few years ago). Actually, i'm not a cartoon fans so at first time i'm not too interest. I spent my time in front of television,5 minute, 10 minute, 20 minute, and heeey ! i like this movie ! 

The story is about carl and ellie who spent their times with many lovely things, until they were old but still love each other (this is so sweet :') One day Ellie sick and death. Carl and Ellie have a dream, they want to live near the paradise falls, a place in South America. So he tie his house with thousand balloons and fly away ! (hahah this make me laugh, two thumbs for people who create the story! hey you are really creative! i never imagine an idea like that :))"   

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flying house, can you imagine a house ties with thousand balloons!
Ellie and Carl


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