The last day: Enjoy Sunday ~

Hola! Sunday is comiiing! hmm.. you know readers? this is the last day of my looong holiday, but i'm not sad. i'm happy because tommorow i'll met my friends!! yippyyyy miss you so much guuuysss :*
life feel so beautiful today  :))
My parrents not at home, so i can wake up at 09.00 o'clock ! what a happy things! i don't hear my 'buldozer words' from mom again which always make me headache, i'm free to do my favorite things. I didn't mean i'm happy without mom beside me (well this is true just a little bit) i love my parrents so much, but sometimes everybody need a 'private time' only with theirself right? don't worry mom, i still clean our house, believe me :)

So, my journals today start from my purple netbook. BROWSING !Yes, how i love this activity. You can find new thing, cute stuff, gorgeous people, super duper cool blogger, learn something, and everything! Today i find a cool font site, and heeey its really cuteee! i fall in love at first sight, so just click download and voilaaa this is it! a cute font and my creativity in photoshop ;)

My paint today, hahahah (drawing use a mouse is so so hard!)


  1. Pake mouse aja segitu bagusnya ,,,,apalagi pake alat khusus gambar ya,,,,,,kamu memang berbakat ,,,,,salam kenal ya

  2. Owh my. Why reminding me? :(
    Pf. Tmrrw indeed, back to school. Well, have fun haha.



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