today fun :)

Dear readers, my mood changing so fast in this 3 days. Maybe i eat wrong food? hah whatever.
But the good news is I'M IN GOOD MOOD TODAY! Yippyyyy! :))
last night my parrents went to Ponorogo because my lil bro must continue his studying at Gontor (keep strong and happy learning cupi ! <3 )
I spent my time with browsing and cleaning my 'super amazing' room. Yeah, you know what i mean...huehehehe -_-''
and hey! i found a good site for you who want make a college photo, try this site ---->

my photos collage in cat shapes ! :D

i had so much fun today. Internet always provide everything! and oh ! one more. this is my favorite blogger. The author is Evita Nuh, she's 13 years old readers! 13 years! but her achievements much better than me. Thats why i like Evita. I think she's magic child! keep stunning dear :O
pics source : google


  1. hello, how are you? hope you're having a good day.

    Iya, Evita memang keren! aku jg kagum sm dia :D

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  2. i love her too.. fashion blogger termuda Indonesia. andai saja seumuran 13 tahun ami udah paham fashion, haha


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