Fffffffffhhh long time no see blog.. the task is killing me! and the bad news iiiiiiiiss... Okay, let me tell you.
i've a classmate, she's my friend, she's pretty (hm,i think -.- . sorry i can't tell you her name, its dangerous.) Honestly, she is kind person, she never forget to give me birthday gift, she care with me,  buuuutt sometimes i really really hate if she's talking too much, and i think she often make something easy become difficult--> This is make me uncomfortable. i've tell her "please don't act like that" but i think it was her personality and yes, its hard to change. and i realize one thing, how i and her solve a problems are different. I'm a people with principle "take it easy and enjoy everything." Pff, okay i think this is enough to telling about her, i don't want get headache because of her. Just forget it! paduli bagoong lah .

hmm...lets start new conversation with my favorite topics in this several days.
Yeeeess readers, the most wanted items : FLAT SHOES and SQUARE BAGS!
Oh, i don't know why my mind always imagine that, maybe they are too cute, right?! Tonight i make a stupid promise, if someone give me a cute flat shoes and square bags i'll run to my sister, and scream  "YOU KNOW SISTER?! I THINK I STILL DREAM.PLEASE SLAP MY FACEE!!." But i know this is impossible, except Allah send me a miracle. i hope i had a miracle. Amiiiiiiiin .

this is the shoes and bag. super duper cute right?!! >.<

shoes, bag, and polkadot motive source : google


  1. Totally know what you mean. I love flats. <3<3


  2. That's awesome john…It will surely help me out….Thanks once again I’d love to come back for more…
    Actually, I am very much crazy for flat shoes!! :)


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