"i need more time."

Sunday snap! ;)
Oh God, i feel very busy this week altough i do not have a lot of homework but 'school mood' always different than 'holiday mood' and hey, today is September! You know what happen in September?yeees. my birthday is in the end of this month, exactly at 30 September and i'll be 20 years old! (God i hate this fact that i'm going 20 but i really grateful because You still let me smile, and enjoy my life until today. So many wish in my heart and i always hope they are could be realized even i know i've an impossible wish.

Do you want to know my impossible wish?TIME. i want to add more time as i want, come to my past and repeat my life so maybe i can fixed it(i hope i have a time machine), I want to have a doraemon so i can build my dreamland and go everytime if i need time to alone,without mom 'buldozer words'.
Hhhhh... how sad if i know they are just imagination. The fact is we just have one chance for every second in our life, and we can't back to the past. We must face it.


  1. hai.. im yur follower since now :) lols.
    happy EARLY birthday.. we will not grow old if we can keep smile and think young.


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