"My brother and daddy phone conversation."

this is my lil bro :') 
Today i lost my mind, i don't know where they go, i can't catch them. Few minute later my dad phone was ringing, and that's fifth calling from my little brother in two day, and he's cry again. Do you remember my little brother? yes, he's CUPI my beloved bro, now he studied in far place.He cry and tell us about his problem in Gontor (his school), he try to tell us how difficult study in that place, he sick, missing his book, he can't eat because he had to do many thing and not have enough time, he need mom and dad, and bla..bla..bla..

I also tired to hear cupi complaining about his problem, how can missing book make you confused like that? just forget it, and go to the bookstore. But i try to think again, my brother is only 12 years old boy, and of course how i solve a problem and how he solve his problem is different. My dad also angry with my little bro because he confused why cupi always crying, crying, and crying. Until we know something when my mother called other students parrents and ask about their child. They said "You lucky! my child always call me 3 times everyday and he just tell us if he can't eat."

And  this is conversation between dad (d) and cupi (c) :

c: hello dad, assalamualaikum.
d: waalaikumsalam dear.
c: dad i lost my book :(
d: so go for buy new one.
c: the store always close, i confuse dad....huhuhu (crying)
d: why you cry just because a book?!
c: huhuhu, this is difficult! you don't understand, huhuhu
d: it is difficult because you think thats difficult so its became hard.
c: no! you don't understand i've many problems here, manyyyyyy
d: hhh.. so tell me dear
c: bla..bla..bla.. and crying again
So my dad feel angry and talk loudly to my brother, he's really really angry, finally the phone was end.
Dad feel guilty, and that time his phone ringing again, thats my brother, dad talk slowly now and he said

dad : "i'm angry dear, i'm sorry my son..."

 Oh dear, i know you are just 12 years old boy :') and i know so hard for little boy like you who always get everything you want when you're at home. But cupi, the situation was change . i always pray the best for you :)) like this : "Ya Allah, please keep my little brother there, save him, make him into strong boy, give him calm personality to solve many problems, brighten his heart, i hope he always smile. AMIIN ."


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