df and hard feel

This is my secret story about me and many people (lets call them 'df'. df is my own abbrevation for many people, they're not my friends, but they're closer with me.) i don't want they know this post because maybe it can make them hurt or maybe they'll hate me and it can caused our gap more large than today.

df are kind people, yeah in outside, we always smile each other, but inside that all kind face, i always feel uncomfortable when together with df. Sometimes i don't understand how can i hate df so much like this? and you know readers? i prefer going to far place than meet them, even their house just 15 minute from my house. hffff, the only one reason i still keep in touch with them is my parrents. I even think i'll live far from them in order ...yah, you know what i mean. But, there's bad and not good. I know my God dislike that plan.


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