"i miss you so bad."

Dear readers, i feel so....hhff. i miss my lil brother so much. my parrents went to Makkah for 1 months. So i've big responsibility to keep my brothers because i'm the oldest. My big brother (emon) can take care himself because he is 18 years, so he is old enough to handle his life. But, what make me feel different is my lil bro, he's 12 and he was studied at far place. His name is Pusaka Firdaus, i usually call him "CUPI".

i believe Allah always save my lil bro, and he'll be okay, but today when he call me from public phone directly i really miss him and cry. i don't know, i just.. Oh damn, i really miss his voice, his smile, his cute face, laughing together with, quarrel, and i realize all that happiness were gone. i don't meet him for many month's..........and i miss you so much dear, beloved cupi. 

sweet memories with my lil bro

cupi, 5 years old

he's sweet right?

he's smile :')

me, cupi, emon (10 years ago)

me and cupi ( 6 years ago)


  1. interesting and nicepost


  2. i miss my brother too, he also far from me and my parents who lived in mataram :"
    please, follow me back. i've already follow you! thanks :)

  3. i've follow you back dear :) check your followers list


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