long time no see!

Hellooo blog! it seems so long since my college task filling my day and some problems i had, and my mood change so fast, and i don't know why sometimes i feel so lazy to take a look to my beloved blog (sorry blog :*, but don't worry dear, today mom is back ! :) so i'll tell you my stories about this week. okay? )

hmm, i feel little bit upset with my friend, hh its so annoying to remember her. I never had a problem with her, but i hate her expression when looking to others, feel like i wanna take her eyes and play it with my brother marble (No.so scary guys-,- just kidding). Lets forget about her, i won't wasting time with trivial thing like that, i am too busy for remember her, isn't i? This is friday night! so make yourself stay happy because tommorow you're FREE!! enjoy your saturday! this is the bonus for you readers, my childhood photos! hope you like it! and happy saturday ;)

me and emon(my brother) photo by : my daddy

emon and me

hey i don't believe my brother is cute&fat baby when he's 1 year :')


  1. cute picture.. i think you have a tallent in editing photo. hehe
    ohyeah i has been follow your blog :)


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