Heeey lovely readers! finally, i'm 20 years old now! Yes.Since September 30, i think i'm not in teenager age. Hhh, so hard for me to accept the fact if i am not my mom little girl again. For your information, do you know how i hate this number? Twenty, many people have their expectation in this age. If you're 20 it means you are starting a new life with different thought, focus with our future, solve a problem with different way, etc..But, when i look into myself, i found myself still childish. Maybe this is what many people said "maturity is not determined by age." i agree with the statement. Today, when i feel dissapointed with myself (am i appropriate for bear this age?), i think something important. very important and so simple. Why i must worried about myself? every people has their process to grow up became adult ( in thought, attitude, life) and of course, me too. I think time will come naturally, i don't want became other people in order that i look like an adult woman. So, i just do my best and focus to my dream :)) 

And the good news is... i got surprise from my friends and my teacher! omg i don't suppose Mrs.Lili participated in my birthday plan! she's ask me to answer a very difficult question, and scold me in front of class! only me! in 1 hour! i really scared how her eyes look at me, hiy! maybe i'll cry if i dont swicth my eyes to my book. After loooooooong suffering, 
Mrs.Lili ask my friends " Do you have a question for Mustika?"
my friends : Yes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUUS!!

Oh my God, i don't believe this!! i close my face with my hand and Mrs.Lili smile and greet me. Oh, Mrs.Lili and my friends you are so so so so so.......
damn . i love you all.
thankyou for unforgettable day and for every gift. Thankyou

Tadaa! this is my birthday gift. :)
cardigan, usb, flowchart ruller, notes, stationery, egg mouse, notes, sweet letter. :*

i love you friends :))


  1. You got tons of gift mus..
    happy birthday and i think Ms LiLi is really sweet too! (:


  2. yes you're right dongala :)
    just say thanks to Allah for all sweet people arround me.

    -thanks for visit dear ;)


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