gifts from mom and dad

Hi readers! how are you? hope you've a beautiful day like mine :) Honestly, nothing special today, but i always try make my day filled with happiness. So, today i post about hajj gift from my parrents, i haven't told you if my parrents was back from Saudi Arabia, have i? They're arrived 1 week ago and brings many giiiift !! aaand this is mine, i got a lot of cute things, and i love it of course! Enjoy your day~ :)

you know readers? from all gift, i really really fall in love with chocolate :9


  1. Ahh really love your bag made from Pakistan <333
    Following u

  2. holla! follow me first? and i'll follow you, btw nice blog :)x

  3. waah asiknya.. sama, dari semua oleh2 kalo ada keluarga datang dari arab pasti paling suka cokelat :D


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