Tuesday oh Tuesday!

Heey readers, i'm back :) i got a sick 2 days ago.. :( so i just spent my time in my lovely house alone, because mom and dad went to East Java for a week.Pff, but its okay! i'm used to being alone in my lovely house, because mom and dad have hectic activity, i think. Ah ! the question is.. how can i got that pain? Its start in Tuesday.

i went to BIP with sister kimo for watch Breaking Dawn part 2 you know that movies right?Yees, i think everybody know it. Before watch that movies i went to my favorite fast-food restaurant, McDonald! at that time i didn't feel hungry, but i just wanna eat McD crispy chicken and my sweet McFlurry.. But, what happen readers! i eat them, and i got stomach ache! What the.... -_- i really feel so so bad, and the movies will begins few minute again. So..so... But Allah is really kind, the movies is really good!its make the audience scream, laugh, applause, and forget me about my stomach ache :)) yippie! But hey, i just wanna ask. Why in every super great movies, there's always adult scene?! Don't they know its make me and another people felt uncomfortable? and how about teenager in junior high school? i think it can contaminate their mind.. Pfff......!  :/

i really love McDonald crispy chicken, mcflurry, burger, french fries, oh! i think i love  all !!

i prefer like watching Alice and Jasper than watching Bella and Edward.


  1. Get well soon if you still sick .

  2. I hope you will get well soon dear.
    I love Twilight, but I love the serie 'The Vampire Diaries more.


  3. haven't seen the movie yet, but i think breaking dawn part 2 will be good for twilight fans. anyway, get well soon, honey! :)

  4. get well soon dear:)) btw you make me hungryyyy:p
    i love all of couples at twilight, they're so sweet<3


  5. LOVE your blog so much! The layout is beyond adorable =) I also love watching alice and jasper. Ashley Greene is SO beautiful, don't you think? ANyways, I'm your newest follower via google (#238) I'd love it if you could check out my blog and follow me back?!


    1. thanks for visit dear and following my blog dear :)
      i've follow you back, check it :))

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