weekend ideas : go for picnic !

yippie!! Sunday is comiing :) what do you do readers? nothing to do? how about go for picnic! it would be fun activity to fill your weekend :) you can go to the mountain or quiet place with your friends, bring so many snack, sandwich, breathe the fresh air, hearing bird singing, indulge your eyes with beauty of nature..Oh, i really love it.  take a look into beautiful picnic place here, and don't forget to brings your camera! and take a cute photos okay! hope you've a great day :)

this place would be super duper lovely for your picnic day ! here they are :)
eat your sandwich in green place accompanied by warm sunshine.feel so....
i always love fall. 
create a fun picnic with your famiy beside calm river, and feel the fresh air!


  1. aa, picnic.. i love that kind of event too..
    love fall season too, unfortunately Indonesia didn't have that kind of season.

    visit my little cream button♥

    1. yes you're right dear :( but Indonesia have a lot of beautiful island ! :))

  2. Hello dear, thanks for visiting my blog and left comment there..:D what a nice blog you have here..:) nice photo and the editing are surely good..:D followed you dear..:D

    btw, to have picnic is a nice idea..:D will try later when my little sis is available..;)


    1. thanks for visit dear :)) i'll follow you back!


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