how to decorate deer cupcakes!

wooops! christmast is coomiiing up! :) i always happy when christmast come, altough i'm a moslem but we must respect other religion right? i mean not celebrate it, just show if we are respect them with their 'holy day'. i like watch Santa Claus in tv, if i go to the mall i can see big christmast trees in the middle of mall with shining lamp, stars in peak, colourful ball, and thats a beautiful scenery!

i always dream can touch a snow flakes, when December coming up, my mind go for dreaming, i'm walk alone in a snowy place when a snow is falling. i use a thick sweater, and i can see vapor from my mouth, then i can feel a snow touch my face,is it cold? and i'll use my hand for catch the snow beautiful :') God, please give me a chance to do that..and readers, i'm promise i'll post that dreams if it became a reality.i'm promise, keep it okay?

So, readers today  i got inspirations when watch cooking program on my television. the chef was make a deer cupcakes for a christmast day, and its so easy. So i start open my photoshop and searching many pics in google, arrange them in order you can see them more cute. aaaand here it is :) hope you like it!


  1. May God help you realize your sweet dreams :)


  2. These are adorable! And the recipe cards you made are lovely too:)

  3. nice pst! thank you :3

    just followed your blog , mind to followme back ? :D

  4. omgggggg, hahaa. mauu bgddddddddddd!!!!!
    lucu kak :)


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