Strange thought.

Dear blog, sometimes. i just think, what will hapen in the future?. what i would be in 5 years,10 years,20 years? am i still life? will i've a child? Today i'm 20 years old, next year i'm 21 years old. Time flies so fast. One day, mom and dad will go. Everybody is busy to take care theirself, and so do i. What kind of life i'll live? Will my dreams really come true in the future? can i traveling around the world to see earth heritage and many old precious building? can i, God?

if someday a destiny called death come, what will happen? whether people arround me will cry for me then i'll be forgotten? i dont know, i dont know. just realized how interesting God create everything, how lucky i am because God give me a chance to know how life in earth, to see all amazing thing in this beautiful planet, to born me in a beautiful country called Indonesia, and let me met my parrents, to see daddy smile, to hear mom buldozer words, to met many people, and many moore! and i'll keep all beautiful memories in this blog. In My Life Journal. :)

"Life is a surprise journey and earth keep million secret.-"


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