sweet notes for daddy

When i was 19 years, i always said to myself "One day, i'll buy a house if i've work with enough salary. Then create it like i want, i'll build my own art-work studio, live there, just myself, without mom buldozer words, do everything i want. Oh whats a beautiful goal, i  can't wait looking forward that moment." But, when i'm 20, its change. I still have the same goal for buy a house, but i think it would be pending for a several time. The reason is....

One day, after 20 years, i realize one important things. Oh my God, what will i do with all those happiness without dad? dad is super kind man in the world i've ever know. He's silly, seurious, wisely, and funny people. He always remind me if i do a mistake, teach me how to live my life, he's our leader, he has deep knowledge about Islam, and i love dad. i love my daddy so much :* . So, i decided to spent time in my house as long as dad life in this earth. "I can pending buy a house later, but i can't pending a moments with dad later."

daddy :)

How can i left a man like this? :')


  1. hiks hiks hiks...

    *ga bisa bilang apapun*

  2. Your daddy must be so happy and proud to have a daughter like you, dear :')
    Semoga Ayahnya sehat selalu ^^


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