Tale of three friends.

Once upon a time, there was 3 friends (Y,M,&K) in a small town. They school together, play together, walk together, help each other, and do many thing together. One day, their school give them a task. If they want graduated this year, they must find a company for a 'practice work'. They make a promise : "if one failed, we are failed too. we'll work together at same company!". So they walk together to find the company, and they found it! But, unexpectedly to work at that company they must pass a hard test. And, the result is... Just two girl who accepted (Y&M), and one girl was failed (K). They back home with hard feelin, think about 2 words. FRIENDSHIP or SELFISH. everybody doesn't guess, make a commitment is really hard.

Y back to her house, and told what happen that day to her dad, and her dad feels so angry and said "you're mature, but really stupid for take a decision. You let your opportunity go away because one people? remember, everybody has their own way, and K too. If K fall to the cliff, so you two will follow her fall to the cliff?!." Then Y dad go, while Y keep quiet and think. Thats what M do at the same time, she think.

Few days later, they do a test for a second time. And the result is same, Y&M accepted while K failed. But they've new thought about friendship that day. Friendship not always do everything together, because everybody has their own way to live their life. Friendship is how they keep, understand, and support each other. So from that day, Y&M promise, they're always support and accompany K to find another corporate for work. They believe God always have a secret plan, maybe K will found a better company or whatever.. we don't know :)

So, readers from story above maybe you can guess what problem i had. Thats the reason for the late post, i'm so sorry.. and M at that story is me :) Hope you've a happy day! Allah bless you.
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we never know what way we will face.
everybody has their own way


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