What we do on Sunday

Hihihi last Sunday my brother (emon) want to decorate his room became his own art studio! so he prepare many things, imagining, thinking, and first he decided to paint everything in his room in white colour . And my nephew come, he help my brother with happily! hahahahah what a cute 3 years boy!

emon brother

huhuhu poor me.. moommmyyyy! help meee! hihiih


  1. Blognya cantiq, sis!
    Salam kenal dan kalau sempat mampir sekalian mengundang untuk gabung dengan teman-teman lain yang sudah SUBMIT URL BLOG-nya di Direktori Weblog Indonesia :)

  2. your blog is so cute. thats looks so fun?
    is that little boy yours? he's so cute :D

  3. haha adik manis yg lucu..jadi gemes ngelihatnya


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