you'd love this! its polish time! :)

welcome back readers! honestly, i feel so tired today. i just arrived 2 hour ago from Ciwalk. mom went to Java, my brother busy with his college task, it means dad is alone at home :( Oh, dad is really kind in this recently week, so its make me become "daddy little girl who always smile and kind" i love dad so much :*.

i'm arrived and found dad watch tv alone :( poor dad, so i make some food for him (yeah, altough my cooking skill isn't quiete good, but i can make delicious noodle! >:) ) after dad, i go upstairs, open laptop, connect to the internet, view my lovely blog and some vibration from my blackberry make my mood fall down. Its a message " database management system test will be held tomorrow." what the zonk! why many lecturer love to see their student suffer? pfff! whatever do you want, i won't take it hard. So, just keep your mind with lovely and fun things like this! taraaaaaa, prepare your nails ! ;)

pics source : google


  1. Hello~
    Aww, at least your dad have you at home..:D
    and btw, goodluck for your test! :D


  2. Awh so cute. Dad & his little girl. Quality time!
    Goodluck with school dear.



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