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Hi readers! how your day? mine is ordinary as usual. ah, btw Do you still remember about my post yesterday? Ya! today i'll post about my favourite books! here we go!

i've collect several books since i'm in junior high school, not a mathematics book of course. Thats a diary :). i like to re-tell my life because i don't want they passed and forgotten. i love to write every moments in my life, so one day if i'm grow up it would be worth treasure i had :) like today, i laugh myself when read how silly i'm in 13 years old, i think myself develop so much! (wehehehehee). Yeah, however diaries have a negative impact, for example when i was in junior high school, my friends quietly read my diary, and yeah as you know i really write everything at that time, even the most embarassing incident. and  you can guess next! they know my secret! i really feel guilty, pff i think my friends who read my diary don't know about word called 'privacy', or even they known the meaning of that word, maybe their brain couldn't work well. haaaah~ why everybody like to know other people secret? that case make me lazy to write diaries again, until i found a great website called So, from that day i decided to write everything i love on my own blog, and it'd be nice if i can share happiness for many people who read my blog :)

wooooo.. lets open it!


here they are!
this is not my diary, but my agenda. its a birthday gift from yaya ;D


  1. i love ur blog dear.

  2. Mau aksesoris gratis? ikutan giveawayku yuk. Link:

  3. what a lovely blog dear :)
    would you to follow each other?

  4. Aww these are adorable, definitely at trip down the memory lane

  5. aku juga punya banyak notebook kayak gitu. mereka semua lucu-lucu dan aku ngga tega untuk nulisinnya. haha. kebanyakan cuma ditulisin 3/4 halaman ajah. hahaha

    feel free to you visit my blog ya :) :D

  6. iyaa banget, dulu waktu kecil suka nulis diary
    kadang jadi geli sendiri kalo inget apa yang ditulis waktu itu hahaha

    btw, wud you mind following me back? ^^
    thank you


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