Wooohooooo! finally exam is oveeer! yeah! me and sister kimo went to a beautiful place at Sersan Bajuri.Usually we play with Yaya, but she must visit her grandma's tomb. We took many photos there, actually, i want to invite other friends because there's several friends who want play together but i'm so sorry dear, i can't because one reason... and for my chairmate, sorry if i'm never play together with you, i don't hate you, but sometimes, everybody has different comfort when together with certain people, and sure you know who are they. i hope you can understand my chairmate :') 

So, back to Wonderland. its soo beautifuuuul ! there's beautiful swimming pool like beach, the colour is sooo  fresh! and its look like have a sand at the edges. what a lovely day ! and i wanna thanks to Allah for every happiness i had in my life. Thanks God :)


  1. beautiful pict and place for your beautiful day...


  2. your photo with the sun splashes at your back is my favorite :)

  3. fotonya bagus nih, modelnya juga


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