World Pulchritude

There's a little pleasure when i'm browsing for see this beautiful planet. thanks to people who create google, pinterest, tumblr, etc... so everyone can see how magnificent God create our earth. Altough everybody know i was sitting in front of my netbook, but they never know what scenery i saw. 

i went to nature, i see a house besida a calm river, a sunshine shining a trees, long bridge with beautiful view, old castle, a mountain, a forest, fireflies, snow fall, i'm arround the world ! i know thats only pics, and we're know the reality is moooooooore beautiful but no problem, its make me smile and happy :) Ah, you can take a look more pics here. This pinterest is super duper recommended!

super amazing :')

i like a house like this :)


  1. we are so lucky for living in this beautiful planet :)

  2. Nice pict :)

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  3. pretty picts :D
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