Hang Out : ZOO !!

Heeey bloooooog! i'm in good mood tonight! and hello lovely readers ( just wanna say "sorry", if you need a long time for waiting me follow you back, pff i didn't mean to do that. So just remind me on comment box, okay!)
Back to our topic, yes, last week we went to the zoo!. Honestly, we decided to eat pizza but yeah God have another plan, and its super duper better from our plan. i love you Allah ! short story, we went to the zoo, bought some ticket, ice cream, food, snack, etc.. oh nature always indulge my eyes, we were really happy, we took manyyy photos ( so you can see the photos below are mostly our photo, not the animal -__- hehehe). But, i feel sad because the animal seems thin and untreated... however, jungle is the best place for them. i can't imagine if i had myself life in a cage forever, :( Haaaaa~ okay see you later in the next post readers! :*


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