little - big mistake

aah! God, i wish i could turn back time. Please give me a chance even i know thats impossible thought :( i've made a stupid decision, haaaaaah~ do you wanna know? :( it just .. Oh damn, i just watching "in time" ( a movie about time) Thats a good movie, so i move it into flashdisk and watch together in our television. Buuuuut, i'm forget the important things! why almost movie had an adult scene?! DAMN! altough it just 1 minute or 30 second or 2 second, it still......DISASTER! how can i explain this to my dad?! its>:O i always close my eyes if i watch alone a scene like that! and now? will dad believe what i did? hh, i even couldn't explain anything. what a bad night with my family. :'(

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  1. :D jadi penasaran adeganya gimana :p, tapi sudahlah, itu akan mendewasakanmu :*

  2. I totally know how you feel. All we can do is ask for forgiveness.


  3. Nice interesting post :)


  4. did you watch it with your family? you mean "together" is family?
    omg... I will so embarrassed. but yeah, everything has done, and we cant go back the time, have you ask for apologize?
    so sorry to hear that :(

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