Books and Wood

Today i wanna say "thousands thank" to Allah, last day i always feel never enough with everything i have though God give my life with many happiness. I saw so many beautiful place around the world, vintage bags, nice shoes, old classic books, and moreeee lovely things from my netbook and  i talk to myself.."Hhh, i wish i could have them all without thinking where i'll got money from.." Its make me little bit desperate. 

Then i watching my tv and i think God want to give me a lesson. There're 2 kids who live in a poor place, they need extra effort to get food, they must work so hard from morning until afternoon, and finally they can eat only plate of rice! :( Then i feel so selfish and stupid. I don't want discard my wishes, of course i still want achieve many goals, but thats tv program makes me start to appreciate my life, money, and family and it also can hold my  desire for shop a stuff which i don't really need. :)


  1. Nice photography, Kak! :) replying your comment on my other blog (Legion Agile of Science Three), please follow me >>
    Nice to meet and find your blog.. So inspiring! :)

  2. okay! i'll follow your blog sweetie ;)

  3. Lovely place !! I had go there once on December.. <3

    Chic Swank

  4. awww cute photo !! nice outfit and place

  5. love your and your friend style here ^^
    I think so, I must thank Allah for everything He gave to me.
    I'm volunteer but I still love shopping, and I know I shouldn't buy what I didn't need. Lets learn :D

    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥

  6. Cute pics! :) Thanks for the visit to my blog, I'd love for us to follow each other. Following you now & hope you do the same for me!

  7. these shots are amazing! I love it!

  8. Nice photos!
    Maybe you would like to follow each other? xx

  9. Mustika aaakkk fotonya lhooo selalu waw! Hehehhee
    Oiya, aku tag award ya... Cek di ^^

  10. Hello Mustika,
    I love your blog, especially its header. It really caught my eyes, that are always hungry for vintage-inspired artwork :) *love the vintage rose <3

    I will definitely follow your blog
    And please follow me thru' feedburner. I no longer have a "Follower" widget on my blog (

  11. What cool photo collection ^^
    Lovely tone of them..

    sweet meaningful words you said :)

  12. Hi dear :)
    I really love your blog, would you like to follo each other?
    xoxo Denis.


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