Some Fresh Air~

Have a happy plan is the most awaited moments, but how if then..its only plan, and never realized? sure you feel bad, and thats what i felt. I've several plan with my friends before we left our campus this year, we decided swimming and have a little party in my friends house, i was super excited and waiting with enthusiastic. Then, the annoying thing come, some friends cancelled our plan, because they had another event.
Haaah~ i don't want tell you the story again, because it just decrease my mood , i just assume yah, maybe they're busy or have the urgent problem or .......... . whatever, forget it. Soooo, last day i went to a high place, with yaya and kaka kimo. Like usual, i went everywhere with them(again) because in many case, i can realized so many plan with this 2 people. Thats why, maybe you can see a lot of their pics in my blog.hahaha. Have a nice day readers!

pink : yaya, blue : me, brown : kaka


  1. Lovely pictures masha Allaah. The weather looks really great. I am freezing here in The Netherlands :(! Enough.


    1. really? what season in netherlands now?


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