vintage is back

image source : tumblr
haaa~ welcome back readers. Tonight almost 24.00 o'clock but i still open my eyes to make a little update. Sometimes, our life turn into the same cycle from time to time, age by age, even we were live in super sophiticated era with many amazing technology, but there's a time when we back into the old era behind us. As you know, i really love everything about vintage so tonight i browse some photos from tumblr about that for todays post. I've got so many pics, and here is my favourite. Maybe if you like to do some photoshot with vintage theme, this could be your inspiration stuff and style. Good night all, have a nice dreams :)

images via tumblr


  1. Nice sharing ! Really nice picture sweety :D

  2. I love vintage pictures!! <3


  3. Vintage is definitely back! I love these photos. quite inspiring

  4. omgosh super pretty pictures!
    great blog you have here :)

  5. anyway, what's the song at your blog? so inspiring! kindly tell me :)

    1. thanks sweetie, the song of this blog is Imogen Heap - Speeding Cars :)


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