Fffhh~ welcome back dear blog, i've been very busy and tired this week.. its my first time trying practice work in a big company, aaand yah you can guess. I wont tell you my activity when working, the point is i always feel sleepy and want go home fast. Just that. Sometimes create happiness is really simple right?

Okay! lets talk about another topic and start this post with happy thought! today i read so many blogger (in foreign country) post some pics about spring, aaah thats really beautiful, many people go for seeing beatiful scenery with their family/friends, picnic....i can't do that, i just have 2 season in my country and nowadays is rainy -___- and i'm busy of course. But, i'll try to spring my days as much as possible. You know? complain about your life just make situation get worse, and i think it could set our mindset became hard for everything. So i'll try to take everything easy, and do not care about everything which just annoy my life. i don't care~i dont care~syubidu..bidu~ happy Sunday readers!

pics source : google


  1. Nice photos;) seems that everyone is very busy in this last time hahaha good luck!

    Eka Theresia♥

  2. It's beautiful place, nice photos :)


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