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Hi! good evening readers, life was going really well since i take it easy and simple. Sooo, actually i want create something or make hodgepodge experiments in photoshop, but yeah we never know when inspiration come. So just find this pics as my blog slideshow header long time ago, maybe some of you ever seen this pics right? i think this pics are so fun, thats why i post them tonight! Ah! last day i feel so whimsical, and i write something in this blog, but i didn't have a courage for post that words.hahaha, so i just save it as a draft. and i have some recipe for brighten  up your mood : listen your favorite music, eat chocolate, and read your favorite books. (thats my moodbuster!). Good night everybody! nice dreams :)


  1. I so like your blog headers! I wish I could be as creative as you!! You really know how to design those headers masha Allah.


  2. Keren kak headernya. edit pake apa?


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