I wanna Scream

Hello God, i'm stuck with this big task.. Recently i spent my time in front of netbook. think hard, typing, drawing object, connect one words to other words, try to understanding what is this. Hahahaha, its too late for say "this major is not my passion, my passion is photography and art." the fact is i'm in the end semester and this task is my graduation ticket, so this is one step closer to be free.

You know, watch and sit an hour everyday until midnight makes  my head feel heavy. There's a lot of things which can make my head explode! i want tell everything, about what i feel now to my friends. But i know they're busy too. So just write some words here, hope God read this and blow away my problem.

pics source via tumblr


  1. hi there!

    i really love your blog and your writing.

    i'm so sorry you're not feeling well.

    never let your your head hang down. never GIVE UP and sit down and grieve. find another way...

    hang in there dear one!



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