I'm trying..

Dear Allah, i'll face my assembly next Monday. i feel so upset when i receive message about the assembly, i'm scared, there's so many thing around my brain, i got headache at that time. Haah~ i'm so hyperbolic -_- but thats true... the only thing can calm my mind just pray and pray. There's no worry about if we have try and do our best right?hahaha, i just trying to keep myself calm..Ya Allah please give me a courage, calm heart, peaceful mind, and readiness. Let me pass this assembly with calm and success. AMIN

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  1. Everything is going to be okay in sha Allah! <3
    Indeed, just pray.


  2. looks like we sometimes have a same situation and feelings haha

  3. I know how you feel! Praying is definitely a must ya, but making sure that you understand fully about your study and rehearse the questions that might be asked is as important, I think. :)

    Good luck!

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