Lets talk about life~

life was feelin so hectic recently, being a jobseeker to get great company always need super effort and patience. i've do some psychological test and interview in several companies, just waiting for the announcement about the test. To be honest, i don't wanna work so soon, but dad never let me enjoy time at home, sooo this end like this.hahaha, and hey i realize seek a company is tired activity! -_- oh finally i know this feelin. Search job at internet, get calling, pass some test, interview, waiting.. Oh this life, i mean a boring life way. This is seems so structured. then maybe i'll working the same job again and again, the same activity from Monday to Friday, go for working at 07.00 o'clock and go home at 17.00 o'clock, then i tired, i eat, i sleep, and wake up for working again, during several years, then married, being housewife, cleaning house along day, keep kids, grow old, dead. thats all?

I never want live my life like that way. I want go to far place, seeing God creatures, human history, old buildings, how people in another country life, and many mooreee.. hahaha, such a weird dreams right? but thats true, just wish me luck and lets see my life few years later~~ bismillah.


  1. haha i hav the same dream as you, to see the other part of the world.
    nice blog. i’ll follow you as soon as i get to be online by PC . okay ? :-)
    salam kenal..


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