Little Journey in unwanted condition.

Hi readers? hows life going on you? mine was really complicated and a little bit whimsical. So, few months ago, i make a plan : i'll take a rest and go for holiday in one month after i've finished my final project. But evidently, my plan can't work perfectly. Dad doesn't like me spent time with enjoy myself at home, he want me to seek company for working as soon as possible. So, he always ask me to help him manage our shop. I don't mean i do not want help dad, of course i want. and for information, i've apply for some job via internet dad, but maybe you don't know. when i sit in front of my netbook, actually i try to search good corporate, but again.maybe you never thinking about that right? maybe in your mind, i just laze at home. To be honest, dad, you just doesn't understand. i admit a statement that i am a lazy girl, yes thats true. But i always have a plan and goal in my life. And went to our shop almost everyday was broke my plan and mess everything dad. 

Dad, i'll more grateful if you ask me to clean our house along day than ask me keep our shop. Maybe you still remember i've tell you i just never enjoy or hate going to our shop, but i still go there even i hate cause i'm sure you'll judge me as useless daughter if i refuse. I know some condition also make me MUST WANT do everything as first child, as the only one daughter, maybe you've a lot of wish i'll understand about life rules. But, Sometimes i just feel desperate with this activity, just imagine doing something you don't like in your rest time plan is not easy point. I try to enjoy this, but it still ... my precious time and my plan can't be replaced.

So this is my short time happiness moment in whole bored day i had. i went into famous mountain, breath fresh air, if you're started enter this place, you'll saw a foggy forest and it really like 'twilight' movie set. Sunshine can't shining there cause the trees hinder the sunlight so the atmosphere little bit feel mysterious but cool.

See you at the next adventures! 


  1. the place is so cool! so foggy.
    I'm a bit understand what you said, I'm so sorry if I'm rude, but, why dont you tell your dad that you have already apply some jobs on internet.
    I don't like helping my parent in their shop too, I'd rather spend my whole day at home, but, the more they get old, I think I must help them, they're our parent, right?
    cheers up! ;)

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  2. These photographs are lovely! I hope everything works out well for you.

    xo, Meera |
    twitter + instagram: @meeranavlakha


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