One thing finished!

Hello world! life was going really easy and happily recently. Finally i've finished my final project, i mean complete it 100%, now i can get a deep breath and some long rest. I'm proud with myself, i never suppose today will come so fast. All my hardwork, tears, pray, tired, frustation, headache were PAID OFF. I got nice score, alhamdulillah. I'm not good or clever or diligent or obsessed students, honestly i just lazy girl and i often forgot to do my homework, but so far, i'm pretty luck and blessed by Allah. My graduation ceremony will be held in September 21, :') Oh My God.. 

This kinda like sweet gift from God for all super effort i've done, and the easiness is an extrabonus :) So, here i am. Finished this step and prepare to further steps, with different journey, different friends, and differents lesson. Welcome new adventures!

just capture this from magazine to represent my feeling today :D


  1. Hei congrats for all the workhard :)) yipiie ! You must be feel so free , and im following you via GFC :3

  2. thanks dinda, i'll follow you back! ;)

  3. haii sis udah di follow ya, thanks for stopping by on my blog ;)

  4. hallo mustika. gue udah mampir ke blog lu. bagus :) kapan-kapan gue mampir lagi yaaa hehehe.

  5. thanks for visit my blog girls! :)


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