"The forgotten pieces."

When i was in elementary school, my goal is to be painter altough most of my friends in the school want to be a doctor (i think doctor is a goal for most of elementary school students). At that time i'm pretty sure about my way, despite i'm only 7 years or 8 years little girl but i really know what i love and where's my passion. 

When i'm growing up, environment and life bring me into other perception. Time change this planet, lifestyle change, everybody need job, high standard life, i saw a lot of people suffer everywhere. So when i'm going to university i take accountancy major, cause i think this major have big opportunity, every company needs good financial management, so its make me easy to work after graduated. and thats TRUE. i've choose right decision, but i don't love this, i'm not interest in accountancy. So where is my real goal go? 

One day, in my daydream. i caught myself in another way, i saw into my deepest heart. There's one old pieces tucked. My real passion, something which always make me happy when doing that job. Something which always make me forget how long i spent time, cause i really enjoy that activity. ART. i forget it. And now, no matter how salary will i receive when i'm working later on, i realize i'll working only for money, i don't love my job. i feel so coward, i leave my trully soul for being in safe zone. But in the end, wherever we are, we never can lie to ourself, we always know what we really love, who exactly we, and where's our world. So readers, i just wanna tell you, never take decision if you only want to be remain in the safe zone, follow your trully passion and work for something you really love. :)


  1. very interesting. wish you a wonderful weekend.
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  2. Good luck for every way that you choose :), really deep writing, heheh

    1. thankyou izzah for visit my blog :))

  3. Very inspiring post ! I have enjoyed reading !


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