There’s always some Stories to tell

I capture so many thing in everysecond i breath, no matter how bored i am, there’s a story behind time which passed. A journals may be a perfect friends for me, but make a blog post here give me more pleasure and happiness cause everybody can read and know hows life walk on me. Blogging is a fun thing for me, cause i’m free to express everything here, i’m free to write without worried somebody will blaming me for wrong grammar, or whatever.

Let me tell you about my favorites figure : Hans Christian Andersen. Maybe some of you ever heard his name, ya he is an author from many famous tale in the world. i’m proud with him, he can spread happiness and dream around the world from the stories. I still remember when i was a little girl, i was watching ‘Little Mermaid’ with shining eyes, how that movies bring me into other world with many shining pieces in my imagination. I believe all children love his tale. Life always interesting and full of surprise depend on how we try to create it. Make a few goals or do some fun project for filling your day.

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