A Little Peep : My Room!

You know something can makes your mood change drastically?  Its when i'm in my mood for blogging, exactly when i wanna publish this post there's come a message in my blackberry. OH MY GOD. I'M ACCEPTED FOR WORK! It will be strated next Monday. God, god, god, what must i do?! My heart just beat so fast, me? work?. Okay, lets take a breath, rilex.. ffhhh~ First. Say thanks to Allah "Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin.." but i still can't calm myself, i don't know, my mind like go to somewhere thinking about everything unclear, everything! (hahaha, maybe this is first time feelin accepted for work? oh i'm so excessive -__- hahaha). i can't focus my mind to write blog post, so i pray ashar, and i feel my heart rilex again :) Thanks God.

So, today i make a post about my room :) lets take a peep into my little world today! :D hehehe..

this is my moodbuster ;) do you same with me?
i love to read quotes, so i stick them in my wall :)

oh how i miss college friends :'(

last night i made some illustration, draw draw draw..~~


i just love collect classic notes recently, and this notes is great!

What must i write on my lovely notes? lets fillin it with my identity
next pages : robert frost poem and some quotes 
some nice look and a tale would be perfect!

see you on the next post ! :))


  1. waa Alhamdulillah~ what job will it be?? seems fun n nice room ><

  2. congratulations!!! pray for Allah :))
    welcome to the working life :D

    btw note Alice nya beli dimana? bikin or beli say? very cute notebook <3 I love doing some scrapbooking & collage too^^


    1. thanks Jelita :)
      Alice is order ;) 085624720221 the price only Rp 15.000 its limited edition dear


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