I'm back! goodbye vacation~

Yuhuuuu~ finally i arrived at Bandung my lovely town last night. Spent one week in my grandma's house with my family in village was great and fun. I miss them so much and only meet them once a year, yes in my country we have tradition called 'mudik', everybody will back to their parrents or grandma's and then all family part like : uncle, aunt, nephew, cousin, etc..will  converge at that house. That was a great moments surrounded by them, we laugh, apologize each other, we eat lontong opor, ketupat (this is special food when iedl fitri), and the best part is we got some money :D hehehe. 


But, unfortunately i spent this happiness moments without my parrents. Because some condition and different activiy plan. So sad, i have a quarrel with dad, we didn't talk each other in few days. Thats soo sad, but everything was going right when iedl fitri, we shed our hard feel, i tell dad that i was dissapointed, i feel angry when looking dad bark at mom, bla..bla..bla.. and you know? saying something difficult like that to my father is really hard, and hurt. i even can't hold my tears, its so sad :'( dad cry, and we apologize each other. That was unforgettable lebaran moments.. 


  1. hi, nice blog of you :) and i do follow you..
    anw, where did you take that photo? really nice scenery..

  2. Waaah cantik sekali kak, oh iya itu take foto dimana? tempatnya bagus banget :D Visit&followback our blog on : http://rivinan-fashion-blog.blogspot.com/ Makasih kak:)))

    1. di jawa say :) thanks for follow my blog, i'll follow you back dear

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