Magic fume

Sometimes life is spread something unexpected, hey finally i almost get a job! i've do medical test today, after this, if everything running well, the last step is sign for contract. Fiuhh~ i feel relieved get a job, but i can't lie i feel my free time will be lost slowly :(, then i'll work in whole day.. Okay, okay, lets forget that stupid thought. I must grateful to Allah, when my friends still seek for a job at least i can take a breath and relieved. Now, i just pray to Allah i hope i'll get good and cozy work environment, friendly partner, nice and easy task, and the most important is i'm happy doing my job. AMIN :) -I love you Ya Allah :)


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  1. wow, amazing post..
    how to make a effect of magic fume like a brush? would you give me a tutorial, maybe?hehehe

    thank you, :D

    1. sure dear, maybe someday i'll post about photoshop tutorial :) wait me okay? ;)

  2. really cool photos.. I love all the cool affects :) And your adorable shoes, too!


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