Secret Wanderer

I'm alone tonight and for several weeks. Mom and Dad was out of town since 2 weeks ago, so i just living with my brother recently, but he always back home late night, or sometimes he comes when i already sleeping. In one side i feel free for living alone, it just you and only you who set your life. You take full responsibility about yourself, free to go to everyplace, nobody will nag if i wake up late, can enjoy lazy time as long as you want, thats the happy reason. 

But, in the other side, i still need other people in house to give me direction, push me for something, accompany and teach me for many things. My neighbor said that i'm brave girl, cause not scared living alone at home while my brother not home yet. I don't know that statement was true or false. Sometimes true, but sometimes "hey, i only a girl. Of course i had spooky time when alone at home tonight, but i try hard to think possitive and believe everything will be alright.". I know i'm not little girl again, but even old woman who has grandson sometimes need direction right?so do i. Hahahaha, oh my, what i exactly i write?hahaha,lets forget it. So, if you must choose what is the coolest people in this world? for me, wanderer is the answer. What  is cooler than traveling around the worlds?

background and deer pics via google


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